Biotech is one of the most regulated and specialized industries in the world today. This means that companies operating within the space need professionals that have very specific skills. Unfortunately, this specificity in terms of skills makes it extremely hard to attract and hire biotech professionals, with companies constantly competing with each other for limited qualified personnel. 

This then begs the question; Is the shortage of expertise in Biotech choking the progress of the industry? And if so, how can Biotech companies starved of cash acquire Biotech recruiters? Still, what is the best destination to hire BioTech headhunters? But before we do that, let’s briefly take a look at the Biotech labor market.

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Biotech Labor Market Overview

According to a recent article published by the Boston Business Journal, many Biotech startup firms around the world face a major challenge in hiring tech-related talent due to skills shortage. This has created a financial boon for both executives and employees, as well as triggered long-term hiring instability.

The article further points out, the shortage of Biotech executive skills is a result of the feeding frenzy for top-level Biotech tech talent by multinational corporations, which greatly disenfranchises the small firms. 

Now that we have reviewed the Biotech labor markets, let’s now shift our focus to why your Biotech company needs to partner with specialized Biotech recruitment agencies.

5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Specialized BioTech Recruiter

The sensitive and complex nature of the Biotech industry means that the industry is powered by highly specialized and experienced professionals. This makes it extremely challenging to source for these specialized skills. In this section, we have listed 5 fundamental reasons why you should consider working with specialized Biotech and pharmaceutical recruiters.

Saves Time and Money

Recruiting is a time and capital-intensive affair. This is especially the case if you don’t have an idea of where to start your search for potential candidates. With the help of Biotechnology recruitment agencies, you can overcome this challenge, as they usually have a repository of passive and active jobseekers, making it easier to identify worthwhile candidates. With reduced hiring time also comes reduced costs associated with the hiring process, which can be particularly beneficial to small companies operating on a tight budget.

Industry Experience

Different recruiters have different areas of specialization, and the success of each firm is pegged on how knowledgeable they’re about their industry or domain. As a Biotech firm, finding recruiters in Biotech can be advantageous as they have a better understanding of your overall needs, as well as the prerequisite qualifications, skills, and experience. As a result, they’re able to understand your job requirements, making it easier to find the right specialized candidate. 

Candidate Relationship

A Biotechnology staffing agency understands all the technical requirements of any job role they are trying to recruit for. Whether it’s the required skills, qualifications, or experience they’re well-versed with what to look for when recruiting a candidate for a specific position. This means that the candidates they help you find are more suitable for the position compared to what a general recruiter would put forward. Biotech pharmaceutical recruiters who have also been candidates in the past are better placed in helping your company recruit, as they have knowledge from either side of the hiring spectrum. Still, they’re aware of things that would tickle a Biotech candidate, making it easier to engage from their comfort zones. 

Proprietary Networks

Companies recruiting Biotech engineers live and breathe proprietary networks. In the course of their day-to-day operations, they build a repository of specialized talents, automatically giving them unmetered access to these specialized candidates. As a company, this saves you the hustle and bustle that comes with recruiting, right from advertising to interviewing. And since they’re able to filter out candidates based on their skills against the job requirements, it becomes easier for them to eliminate all underqualified candidates in advance.

Peace of Mind

When working with the best Biotechnology recruiters that have the experience wherewithal in your industry, you can always have peace of mind knowing that you can trust their judgment in hiring the right candidates. Better yet, a top Biotech recruiter should also offer advisory opinions on how to package the salaries and benefits packages of your employees, ensuring that you have an upper hand over your competitors. Put simply, a good Biotech recruiting firm should act as your one-stop-shop for all matters HR.

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How to Hire Biotech Recruiters to Find Top Tech Talent for Your Biotech Company?  

Generally, your pharma Biotech staffing strategy should largely be informed by your company’s hiring budget, timeline, volume, and pressing need for HR girth. With that said, however, there are different hiring methods that you can use to source your recruitment team. They include:

Building an In-house Biotech Recruiting Team

As a company, you may choose to build an in-house recruitment team, and it is mainly a logical option for large companies with financial muscle. With this approach, you have the benefit of having a 24/7 committed team to handle any HR needs. However, you need to contend with delays in your operations as you source, screen, and hire a full-time recruiting team. Still, there will be lags after hiring the team, as they need to fully soak with their job position. Along with that, you’ll also need to cater to the monthly salary of the team, as well as all the other costs associated with having a full-time employee.

On-Site Recruitment Contractors

If you’re looking for faster recruitment results without long-term commitments, then hiring on-site recruitment contractors is your best option. It entails hiring gun contractors who prefer premium pay over lower-paying, full-time positions. The contractors work on their own timelines and can handle simple staff augmentation or a full-cycle recruitment process role.

There are several drawbacks of this hiring model as the quality of service overly varies, plus their Biotech staffing solutions are usually focused on short-term deliverables. Additionally, the team may require similar support, structure, and resources as a full-time recruitment team, which is counterproductive depending on how you look at it. Lastly, contractors aren’t necessarily wedded to a particular company, and they’re constantly looking for their next gig. If they find a better gig than yours, chances are they’ll bail on you mid-way through the project. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In this arrangement, the employer delegates some or all its recruitment processes to external Biotech pharma recruiters. RPO Biotech staffing agencies can either provide their employees to the customer or even help manage the company’s internal recruitment staff and process.

The RPO model is something of a sweet spot for both small and multinational corporations that are looking for a quick turnkey hiring solution, with flexibility and cost being touted as the main benefits of choosing this approach.  A strong, reputable Biotech biopharma recruiting agency can also help Biotech firms improve their recruiting processes, as well as improve on transactional recruiting support. 

And since hiring is not one of the cores of a business, RPO Biotech recruiting allows you to focus on your core business activities and let someone handle the non-core activities. Along with that, you get to hire on a need basis, meaning you get what you pay for. Nothing more nothing less.

Ukraine: The Best Destination to Hire Dedicated Biotechnology Recruiters

Today a decision to outsource Biotech recruiters in Ukraine isn’t necessarily pegged on low average salaries, which averages at $1,1555 per month. With a mature Biotech ecosystem, Ukraine offers expertise and services to multinationals the world over. In fact, according to a recent report published by ThinkBiotech, Ukraine is ranked 53rd as the most Biotech innovative country in the world. 

Still, the country is conveniently located in Eastern Europe, meaning it cuts across several time zones. This is particularly important when it comes to communicating with your Biotechnology recruiter, considering they’ll be working remotely.

How Our Company Can Help Offer Reliable Pharma Biotech Staffing Services

We’re a reliable BioTech recruitment consultancy services provider based in Ukraine. We have been matching passive and active job seekers with Biotech companies looking to fill positions within their ranks. But our scope is not limited to just Biotech.  We also conduct Fintech, Telecom, Startups, and IT recruiting. And yes, we can also help you get the most qualified eCommerce recruiter. Our team of recruiters prides itself on industry knowledge and proprietary candidate relationships, which helps us serve our client’s best interests with speed, flexibility, and performance. 

We’ve earned credibility by combining our flexible, integrated recruiting processes and win-win partnerships to provide discerning services to our pharmaceutical and Biotech clients. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Executive Search, and Contractor Staffing services are flexible and scalable to fit nearly all our client’s staffing service Biotech talent and staffing needs. 

Our Working Process

  1. Briefing. We meet offline/virtually with you to understand your hiring needs and the ideal candidate profile.
  2. Benchmarking. Next, our team of recruiters soaks up everything they can lay their hands on to understand your company’s needs, values, and business culture. Once we’ve clarified everything, we use the collected data to begin sourcing prospects that specifically fit your needs. 
  3. Create a compelling employee value proposition. After understanding your needs, we proceed to paint a clear picture to the candidates by drafting a catchy advert.
  4. Searching. Using our active search, a proprietary repository of candidates, and a robust referral-based system, we start sourcing and pre-screening the eligible candidates.
  5. Screening. We interview multiple potential candidates using role-specific questions to ensure personality, culture, and job requirements fit. 
  6. Hiring. Once we find a recruiter tech startup candidate that fits your organization like a glove, we hire them and congratulate them on the hire.
  7. Offer. The chosen Biotech recruit is given a job offer.
  8. Client’s interview. Forward the most qualified candidates to you for a job interview.
  9. Onboarding. Once you’re certain, we begin the onboarding process.

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