The long arm of technology has continued to touch and overhaul almost every aspect of our life. This is especially true in the business world, where the fusion of technology and various processes has brought about automation, mobility, and flexibility. Technology has also opened up various opportunities, as well as spawned new-age concepts like e-commerce. Whilst e-commerce has presented business owners with plenty of opportunities to expand, it has also compelled them to heavily invest in digital solutions to accommodate the ever-changing customer needs. 

This break away from the traditional brick-and-mortar model has also brought about a shift in labor needs, with e-commerce businesses competing for the best software engineering skills. This is against the backdrop of raging skills shortage in the tech world, and software development in particular.

In this article, we’re going to look at the major recruiting challenges facing eCommerce platforms, how and where you can get talent acquisition sourcer eCommerce recruitment agency. And at the tail end of this article, we will reveal how Distributed Recruiters can help in all that. But first, let’s drill deep into the major challenges faced by eCommerce platforms in meeting their eCommerce IT staffing needs.

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Recruiting Challenges of eCommerce Businesses

While eCommerce is a thriving industry with almost cosmic potential, the demand for top tech talent is through the roof, which makes it extremely difficult to attract and hire elite candidates. And just like any other obstacle in life, the only way to overcome this challenge is for you to better understand the recruitment challenges faced by eCommerce businesses. Some of them include:

Attracting the Right Candidates

One of the biggest challenges that eCommerce businesses face is failing to attract the right candidates. Trying to attract the right candidate from a large pool full of unqualified candidates, can be time-consuming, as well as ineffective. You’ll end up choosing the best person you come across first—not the best fit for the job. When it comes to hiring, it’s not always about the number of candidates who send in applications but a smaller stream of more qualified talent. And that’s exactly what an eCommerce developer recruitment agency does. They help filter the most unqualified candidates, ensuring companies get the most qualified ones.

Unreliable Candidates

We can all agree that the global tech industry has been plagued by a stinging skills famine. This means that tech companies have had to compete with each other for the cream of the crop. Along with that, very few skilled developers spend their time on online job boards looking for jobs, making it almost impossible to know where to find them. With the help of eCommerce staffing agencies, small startups can access developers from offshore countries like Ukraine without a problem.

High Salaries

Every candidate moving from one company to the other typically expects a salary raise. Many eCommerce businesses, especially those starting up cannot afford the lofty tech salaries, especially when it comes to  C-level development positions. Still, small eCommerce businesses lack the financial muscle to compete with multinational corporations that have deeper pockets, when it comes to paying tech workers. To overcome this challenge, an offshore eCommerce recruiter would be the best option, as they have tech professionals scattered the world over.

Offshore Dedicated eCommerce Headhunters Vs. In-house Employees Vs. Freelancers

Whether you’re operating a small eCommerce outfit or a large multinational behemoth, you’ll inevitably need to expand. And at this point, you would need to ask yourself what eCommerce recruitment model you want to use.

Initially, hiring a full-time in-house eCommerce recruiting team may seem like a convenient option for you. However, you need to conduct and coordinate the entire recruitment process right from sourcing the candidates to onboarding them. Along with that, you also have to cater to their monthly salaries and benefits package, as well as any other costs associated with maintaining a full-time recruitment team.

A freelance eCommerce staffing model, on the other hand, is less hectic, plus it offers relatively flexible terms. The only problem is that freelance teams are not fully wedded to your company, and they may bail out midway through the hiring process. 

And that leaves us with the offshore dedicated recruitment hiring. Unlike hiring an in-house or freelance team, offshoring eCommerce recruiters means that you can build the best development team without all the hassles. And since offshore recruiters take the time to know your company’s culture, they’re able to engineers that fit like a glove. Better yet, they have professional networks of passive and active jobseekers, meaning they take considerably less time to find the right tech workers.

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How Our Company Can Assist You in eCommerce Staffing

If you’re looking for a headhunter eCommerce services agency, Distributed Recruiters is a top eCommerce IT headhunter and staffing firm that serves online retailers and eCommerce companies. We are your strategic talent partner for both entry-level software development positions through C-level positions.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our extensive software engineering in the eCommerce space. We’ve been helping online retailers and eCommerce companies fill software development positions, and most of our recruiters have worked in similar positions before joining our agency. We also double as a fintech, marketing recruitment, and startup staffing agency.

We are well-known in the eCommerce tech industry, and our large network of professionals are experts in attracting and sourcing top eCommerce IT professionals, titillating them about our open positions, and screening them based on our extensive knowledge and experience of the industry.

Contact us now and start augmenting your development team with the help of our eCommerce recruiters!

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