Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): an Overview

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) has become a new trend in the field of human resource hiring and management. Owing to a wide range of benefits, enterprises of all sizes and sectors are choosing remote talent acquisition recruiters for capitalizing the potential of an RPO model. According to Grand View Research forecast, the global market of RPO is expected to grow at a whopping growth of about 18.5% (CAGR) between 2020 and 2027 to reach $20.77 billion by 2027 from just $6.32 billion in 2020. The role of virtual recruiters has become very pivotal in the exponential growth of the RPO market across the globe due to its flexibility, scalability, quality, and cost efficiency.

Recruitment process outsourcing is a type of business process outsourcing (BPO) in which the entire process of hiring and managing human resource is handled by a local or remote RPO company. The remote talent sourcer company can either take the control of the entire existing staff, methodology, reporting, and technology on certain agreed conditions or provide its own tech-talent branded under the name of the client company. In the past few years, the popularity of remote recruiters based on the RPO model has increased significantly not only in large organizations but also in small and medium-sized enterprises. The startups are also capitalizing the potential of RPO to their benefits extensively.

Top Benefits of RPO Recruitment Model


Cost efficiency

One of the most important benefits of offshore recruitment process outsourcing is the cost efficiency. The remote recruitment of IT professionals in Eastern Europe saves substantial cost in the entire process.


Fully managed service

RPO service by an offshore staffing company is fully managed, which helps clients to focus on the core business ideas and processes rather than deploying energies in secondary processes. The reporting, analytics, career development, and many other processes are fully managed under flexible and customized terms and conditions.


Greater quality

The RPO offers a high-quality service because of the domain specialization of the remote recruiter agency in HR process management. The experience and expertise of RPO specialist companies in all stages of recruiting and on-boarding processes improves the quality significantly. 


Faster hiring

The hiring speed through specialized RPO providers is much faster than the traditional form of hiring and onboarding. Thus, RPO offers faster product launches and continual improvements.


Efficient scalability

The RPO model is very flexible and scalable due to numerous factors such as faster hiring, access to large pools of tech-talent, dedicated candidate databases, and others. A professional staffing firm can expand existing teams, build new teams, and enhance project resources by using the RPO model fast and efficiently.

How Is Remote Talent Sourcing More Effective Than Traditional Hiring?

A virtual IT recruiter partner provides numerous benefits through remote talent sourcing, which make remote hiring more effective than the traditional hiring. The most important reasons for remote outsourcing by a virtual talent acquisition specialist being more efficient than the traditional way of hiring are compared in the following table.

It is very clear that the tech-talent sourcing through remote headhunters is more effective for all sizes and types of clients as compared to the traditional sourcing of the IT tech-talent hiring.

Why Choose Us as a Reliable RPO Recruiting Service Partner?

We are a professional team of HR specialists for recruiting talent for startups, SMEs, and large corporations with main focus on the RPO model of HR management. We offer highly professional-grade and feature-rich RPO services. The most common features of our IT tech-talent hiring in different domains such as MarTech, BioTech, EdTech, and AdTech/FinTech talent acquisition & consulting service are mentioned below:

Scalable RPO staffing solutions

We provide a comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing staffing solution to our clients to fulfil their requirements perfectly at different stages of projects and time. We can expand the existing teams very fast to fill both technology as well as human resource gaps. Our services are highly scalable with the shortest-possible turnaround time.

Support for all contingent-labor hiring categories

We support all three categories of contingent-labor such as independent contractors, temporary workers, and consultants. Our highly specialized HR services are focused on the above-mentioned contingent-labor workers as well as on the customized hiring plan for providing staff in different technological categories such as IT, finance, education, marketing and others domains. 

Cost-effective outsourced recruiting services

Our specialized PRO recruiter Ukraine agency is one of the most cost-efficient companies in the marketplace. We offer very competitive prices for a wide range of HR recruiting services with flexible payment options. Our costs are predictable and fixed without any hidden charges to create a great customer experience.

High-quality RPO solutions

The quality of RPO process management is one of the major components of our core business mission. Powered by our professional management and quality control teams, we are one of the best MarTech, EdTech, AdTech, and FinTech recruiting companies that specialize in the high-quality RPO solutions.

Access to 100% matching tech talent

Our professional IT recruiting company is located in Ukraine, which is one of the most attractive destinations for the HR process through a wide range of HR models. We have access to a very large pool of the right and ready-now professionals, who can meet 100% with your business requirements due to their skills, experience, and qualifications. 

Large markets’ range we serve

Being located at the central geographical location, we can serve a wide range of global markets such as the US, Canada, all major countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific region. Powered by powerful IT infrastructure, our clients feel highly connected and collaborated all the time.

A Wide Range of RPO Services We Offer

We are a highly professional team of corporate as well as startup recruiter specialists that specialize in a wide range of RPO services. The most common services offered by our virtual headhunter agency are mentioned below:

End-to-end recruitment

Our RPO process management services are comprehensive and end-to-end that handle all major as well as fringe processes to manage the entire process from start-to-end. We take complete responsibility for end-to-end recruitment smoothly.

Project RPO provider service

Our specialized RPO services offer HR process management for a particular project with all value-added features to create a great value for the clients.

On-demand recruitment

We are quite capable of acting as a recruiter on demand for our valued clients to meet their customized HR requirements on the basis of their emerging demands.

Talent management

Talent management is one of the most important aspects of RPO process management. We specialize in managing the talent in the most attractive and engaged way so that they remain fully content and satisfied within the company’s work ecosystem.

Talent attraction and sourcing service

The use of social media, professional forums, internal databases, job portals, references, and other sources are the most useful components for showcasing the prospective clients to attract the talent. Our specialized services can help clients attract and source the top-talent.

Employer branding service

Branding of employers leaves a deeper impact on the minds of the tech-talent in the market. We can help our clients professionally to build a high-value employer brand through our effective services.

Talent advisory solutions

We can provide a highly professional service of strategic planning and consultancy on RPO, talent management, talent retention, and many other aspects to help you make the most effective decisions regarding the tech-talent and HR management.

Top-Tech Industries That Our IT Staffing Company Serves

Our IT-recruitment service provider team deals in a wide range of industries and sectors for tech-talent hiring. The most popular industries that we are expert at to serve our clients are mentioned below:


We are specialized MarTech recruiters with specialization in hiring marketers and managing HR processes in the marketing industry. We offer following benefits to clients in this industry:

  • Professional marketers and marketing managers
  • Effective marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Improved sales and competitive-edge
  • Achievements of business goals faster


Insurance industry needs IT professionals dealing with the modern apps and automated processes for better management of business. Our services provide professional tech-talent that offers the following benefits:

  • Greater level of process efficiency
  • Accurate forecast and risk management
  • Clearer business goals and better customer management
  • Faster processing of mature cases


We have qualified AdTech recruiters, who have expertise in HR process management as well as the technical aspects of commercial advertisement and marketing. Tech-talent hired by us provides:

  • Better advertisement strategy
  • Cost efficiency in advertisement campaigns
  • Accurate and effective content to produce desired results
  • Enhanced sales and faster ROI


Our professional service of FinTech headhunters specializes in hiring the right talent for the right job in the finance industry to provide the following benefits to our client:

  • Efficiency improvement by deploying right technical tools
  • Providing deeper insight into the future trends and targets
  • Getting the right information on the right time for the right decision
  • Improved risk management and profit margins


We are a specialized BioTech recruiting firm that deals with the BioTech industry with full confidence due to the prior experience and expertise in providing tech-talent for this industry. Our biotech recruiter team manages your HR process in such a way that you achieve:

  • Greater accuracy in BioTech processes
  • Machines get better powered by modern artificial intelligence AI
  • The productivity and efficiency of workers in the industry improves
  • Improved efficiency and reduced development cost


Our EdTech recruiting service is powered by professionals that have expertise in HR management with a strong background in the education sector. Our EdTech recruiters hire IT experts that offer:

  • Improved quality of education and institute reputation
  • Faster exam assessments and reports
  • Efficient student process management
  • Increased research and development capabilities


Property technology is using the IT solutions extensively to improve and automate different processes. The tech-talents we hire offer great benefits to the company in the PropTech industry. A few of them include:

  • Improved sales, tenant, and transfer of property
  • Faster disposal of sales and purchase cases
  • Better legal and commercial documentation
  • Efficient use of real-estate property and resources

Other tech startups

Our professional team of experts also provide RPO management services to many other companies and startups in other industries too. Among such industries, information technology, robotics and automation, software development, eCommerce, retail sales, IoT, and others are a few to name.

How Does Our IT Recruitment Process Outsourcing Work?

The step-by-step recruitment process outsourcing at our professional-level IT recruiting agency is mentioned below:

Step #1. Client requirement analysis

In the first step, we analyze the HR requirements of our client thoroughly from multiple aspects such as time duration, project type, future requirements, budget, size of company and others.

Step #2. Talent headhunting

After analyzing the requirements, we start talent headhunting that has the most relevant skills, qualifications, and experience. This sourcing is done through multiple channels.

Step #3. Best talent screening/selection

In the 3rd step, the sourced candidates are shortlisted through certain automated and manual techniques to reach the most suitable candidates to proceed for further processes.

Step #4. Candidate interviewing

Multiple rounds of interviews are conducted for exploring the skills, knowledge, and experience of the candidate.

Step #5. Negotiation and hiring

Once the candidate has been selected from technical aspects, the commercial and legal terms are finalized in this step. Exchanges of certain letters and contracts take place here.

Step #6. Candidate on-boarding

In this step, the candidate is introduced and on-boarded to the working team or company as the final step of our RPO hiring.

If you are looking for highly professional-grade RPO solutions, get in touch with us to explore the details of our specialized recruitment process outsourcing services now!

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