Over the past 5o years or so, the way we live, work, interact, and conduct business has dramatically shifted, with past economies getting replaced by 24/7 service offerings. Today, customers have unlimited access to digital services, products, and platforms, something that would have previously been considered science fiction. And although this revolution has been a long time coming, it’s only now in the digital age that everyone can access data that was previously available to scientists and governments.

In the business realm, this information age is like a double-edged sword, as it could mean getting exposure to a global audience or sinking into a deep black hole that is the internet. This is especially true when it comes to businesses marketing their products and services, considering that many customers are shifting focus towards online shopping.

In a bid to walk this fine line, businesses around the world are head over heels trying to recruit professional digital marketers who can help put their products and services in front of as many eyeballs as possible. This, in turn, has led to a spike in demand for digital marketing skills, which is juxtaposed with limited skills of the same. To fill marketing positions, therefore, most companies are turning to digital marketing recruitment in offshore locations.

In this article, we’re going to look at who marketing recruiters are, what they do, the process of outsourcing headhunters for marketing jobs, and the benefits therein.

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Who Are Marketing Recruiters?

As the name suggests, marketing recruiters are individuals or agencies that help companies hire, train, and mold marketing recruitment teams. Also known as marketing headhunters, they inject modern marketing strategies into the recruiting process, ensuring that companies get an upper hand in terms of attracting and hiring quality candidates for marketing purposes.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented spike in the demand for marketers, with paid social media marketing growing by 116.4% between 2020 and 2021. During the same period, the demand for social media advertising has grown by 45.9%, Instagram marketing by 28.4%, and social media optimization by 26.2%.

With these stats in mind, more and more businesses are increasingly looking to hire marketers to help market their products and services. But what does it take to hire offshore sales and marketing recruiters? Well, the process is pretty much easy…

Marketing Recruitment Process Overview

The process of outsourcing staffing agency marketing services works just like the regular hiring process, with a few differences.

  • First, the marketing recruitment agency will meet you physically or virtually to create a requisition. And while at it, they’ll take the time to learn about your business processes, culture, and hiring needs.
  • Next, the marketing RPO firm creates the perfect employment proposition by drafting the perfect job listing. 
  • Once they have done this, they’ll then use their networks and repository for the right candidates. 
  • The screening process begins next, whereby the recruiter for marketing jobs conducts reference and background checks, screens the resumes, selects the most appropriate candidates, and communicates with the de-selected candidates.
  • The candidates are then taken through the first interview, and once they’ve passed, the client is notified.
  • The RPO online marketing recruiter then presents the client with a list of potential candidates to the hiring manager.
  • The candidates are taken through the second round of interviews, which are coordinated by the client and marketing recruiter remote firm. 
  • Once the hiring manager has selected a final candidate, a post-interview debrief is held with all the candidates, successful or not.
  • After conducting the post-interview debrief the online marketing staffing agency offers negotiations and acceptance, recommends a start date, and then the onboarding process will begin. 
  • The RPO will conclude the process by collecting feedback from the hiring manager about hiring satisfaction, present results, and conduct quarterly reviews to iron out any hiring efficiencies.
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Dedicated Remote Marketing Recruiters vs Traditional Recruiting

No matter how you look at it, recruiting is an excruciating and time-consuming process. There are multiple challenges including attracting qualified candidates that can match your company culture and gels seamlessly with the existing team members. 

Whilst the traditional hiring methods can help you get good employees, it’s like throwing the dice and waiting for lady luck to smile your way. But we all know that recruiting takes much more than just finding bodies to fill a vacant position, plus you can’t overlook the possibilities of the law of diminishing kicking in to affect your judgment as you churn through heaps of CVs and resumes.

To overcome these challenges, you can opt to partner with recruiters for marketing professionals. Along with delving deep into your organization to understand your hiring needs and company culture, outsourced marketing staff recruitment agencies help streamline your company’s overall recruiting process.

As much as professional marketing recruiters help businesses find the right candidates, they’re also in business. This monetary aspect introduces an element of motivation to find the most appropriate candidate, as well as introduce them into the matrix as equal stakeholders. After all, the success of employees they give to the clients translates into more business in the future.

The entire marketing staffing model is pegged on building a long-term relationship, both with the employers and job seekers. Whilst they’ll help fill positions just like the traditional recruiters, they’ll also look at scalability, turnover rates, and turnaround time for filling positions.

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Marketing Recruiting Placements That Marketing Staffing Agencies Can Help Fill

Marketing and advertising recruitment agencies can help your business fill position in the following areas:

  • Creative/design
  • Digital marketing
  • Lead generation
  • PR communication
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing inbound
  • Marketing media
  • Product marketing
  • Strategic marketing

How Our Company Can Help Find Digital Marketing Recruiters

In today’s digital-driven world, companies are scrambling to get their hands on marketing professionals with strong digital marketing skills. Marketing professionals capable of leading a team or being a part of a team to deliver marketing campaigns across different digital platforms like web, social, search, email, and mobile. 

Unfortunately, traversing the marketing landscape can be hard, and identifying the top talent from a large pool required for your company can be even harder. And this is why you need the services of marketing recruitment agencies.

We can assist you in your hiring effort more than even your favorite traditional recruitment firm. Our team of digital marketing recruiters boasts in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing terrain, and we understand modern digital marketing strategies, job market, hiring trends, and how you attract and retain the best marketing talent.

We strive to understand our client’s business demands, which is why we are able to match you with a recruiting team that will contribute to the growth of your organization. But we don’t stop there, our headhunter digital marketing team will partner with you to ensure a smooth onboarding process. 

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