For companies on the verge of expanding or in the middle of rapid growth, an RPO model can help accelerate the hiring process. Top RPO providers usually have pre-existing networks and an extensive pool of candidates, allowing them to fill positions faster. As a company, the ability to rapidly onboard new hires eliminates any downtimes as you expand,  and staffing agencies have the resources to vet multiple candidates in several positions concurrently. Similarly, smaller organizations begin with a few employees performing various duties throughout the day. As time goes by, however, these few employees may face difficulties keeping up with the growing demands. By using the recruitment process outsourcing model, key members of your workforce can assume more specific roles within the company, ultimately avoiding burnout.

In this article, we’ll try and get you exhaustive answers to the questions: What are the benefits of working with a staffing agency? What are the advantages of working with dedicated remote recruiters compared to freelancers or in-house employees?

Advantages of Using an Outsource Staffing Agency vs In-house Team vs Freelancers  

The hiring process entails many moving parts and operations like sourcing for the right candidates, receiving recommendations, pre-screening, interviewing, onboarding, etc, all of which can be time-consuming and exhausting. By partnering with recruitment process outsourcing firms, your company can easily avoid the hassle that comes with hiring a new recruit. Still, these service providers incorporate both effective recruitment practices and dedicated recruiters, making them reliable solutions for companies looking to focus on their core business functions, as opposed to being obsessed with managing the operational functions.

Pros of Using Staff Recruitment Agency

Here’s a closer look at the benefits of using a dedicated remote talent sourcer: 

Recruiting experience and expertise

Dedicated staff recruitment agencies have experience working with companies of various sizes across different industries. After working and interacting with different employers and employees, they collect deep insights that can help your company identify and achieve its strategic workforce goals. And unlike working with freelancers who have little attachment with company culture and values, staffing agencies take the time to understand your company culture and find candidates to match the same. 

Help formulate your hiring strategy

Whether you’re looking for direct hire or a contract-to-hire candidate, wondering how many employees to add to your team, and the skills they need to have, an RPO recruiter can help you formulate your future hiring strategy. In retrospect, an in-house recruitment team may still do the same. However, they may have the limited skills to lay out a comprehensive hiring strategy, not forgetting that maintaining an in-house team can be costly.

A wider pool of qualified candidates

One of the biggest benefits of recruitment outsourcing solutions is the ability to access a large pool of qualified candidates. A top-tier RPO staffing agency attracts an equally large top-tier talent pool, with individual recruiters within the organization constantly expanding their professional networks. This may not be the case with in-house or freelance recruitment teams which are perpetually starved of resources, not forgetting you have to cover their monthly salaries and insurance costs.

Freed up time

Recruitment for new or existing positions can be a time-consuming affair. You need to spend countless hours posting job openings, sourcing potential candidates, and screening their resumes, which takes up time and energy from your other daily responsibilities. One major advantage of dedicated outsource recruitment agencies is that they take on most of the front-end recruiting processes, letting your in-house employees focus on core business values.

Expedited hiring and candidate placement

Outsource staffing solutions can help your organization get and onboard talent more quickly, thanks to their streamlined and expedited hiring processes. This means that the candidates can be placed with shorter timelines and start producing value to your business almost immediately. Compare this to in-house or freelance staffing teams, who may not have the resources to do all that due to limited resources.

The reduced high turnover rate

Whether you are a small business or a multinational behemoth, employee turnover can be incredibly expensive. Filling a vacant position comes with many hidden costs, including the costs of training new hires. And if the placement doesn’t work, you need to repeat the entire process. When you work with a successful staffing agency with a proven track record, it becomes easier to find the best candidates, ultimately increasing your retention rates and decreasing the turnover costs.

How and Where to Find Dedicated Recruiters for IT Industry

While there are many IT recruiting agencies the world over, not all are created equal. As such, there are a few factors to consider before deciding which staffing firm works best for your business. They include;

  • Experience. As a company, you should always try to work with a recruitment outsourcing agency that has a history of working with companies that are similar to yours. Along with that, ensure you look at the feedback from previous customers about their recruitment approach.
  • Cost. Another factor you need to consider is the cost of working with a bespoke recruitment agency. Ideally, a good IT recruiting firm shouldn’t overly lowball as there’s a good chance that the quality of talent they deliver may not match your requirements.
  • Location. Lastly, you need to carefully consider the location you hire from. Although outsourcing means the recruiters will be working remotely, the location you hire your team matters. And talking about locations, Ukraine is one of the best places to outsource staffing and recruitment. Along with having one of the most educated IT professionals, Ukraine is centrally conveniently located in Eastern Europe, meaning it spreads across different time zones.

How Our Company Can Help Hire Top Recruiters

Our company is a professional recruiting and staffing agency based in Ukraine. Founded by a team of skilled professionals, our success and reputation are pegged on our ability to pair performance and effectiveness with personalized client service. We take pride in our unique ability to combine the organization’s technical requirements and cultural fit, which has earned us the reputation of a highly trusted recruitment services provider to candidates and our clients.

Although we are headquartered in Ukraine, our team of recruiting and staffing experts is spread across different cities to ensure we are hiring the right candidate every time. Our headhunters have developed networks and relationships with passive and active jobseekers, allowing us to maintain a strong and expansive network of candidates.

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