The ability to source and talented workers is critical for achieving business goals. But in today’s super-competitive business environment, smart companies have had to get creative by adopting best practices to ensure they attract the talent they need, quickly and cost-effectively. One such practice is partnering with  RPO companies and IT staffing and recruiting agencies.

If you’re wondering how to find top IT talent or where to find recruiters in Ukraine we’re here to help. Here at our IT talent recruitment agency, we help companies meet their hiring goals by sourcing, screening, and onboarding talented candidates. Along with that, we take the time to know your company’s values and culture, allowing them to get candidates with the perfect skill set and fit into the company culture.

Unlike most IT headhunting firms, we also understand that recruiting entails listening. We give a listening ear to our candidates, learn who they are, and even try to understand wishes and professional aspirations. Lastly, recruitment is about analyzing. We match your story with the candidate’s wishes and let the magic happen. 

What Our IT Talent Recruitment Agency Does

While there are multiple IT  headhunting firms in Ukraine, not all are born equal. To ensure we cover all possible human resource challenges that our clients may face, here are some of our services: 

What our Top Talent Staffing Agency Does

Headhunting top IT talents

IT headhunting is one of our core competencies. As a business owner, you probably know that the key to succeeding in your business lies in the people you work with. We recruit the best IT personnel in the market allowing you to continue focusing on your core business. What makes us truly unique from the other RPO recruitment companies in Ukraine, is the fact that we take the time to know our client’s product, expectations, operations, and company’s culture. Thanks to this hands-on approach we are better equipped to filter out and source the most suitable candidates for the job. 

HR consultations

Whether you’re struggling in determining what skills are needed to fill a certain position or wondering how to motivate or compensate your workers?  Our information technology job headhunters will help streamline your company’s structures, internal communications, and recruitment processes, as well as offer practical solutions to motivate and compensate your workers.

Talent advisory services

Along with our IT recruitment services, we also offer talent advisory services. Simply furnish us with your list of survey recipients and your expectations, and leave the rest to us. We’ll conduct the survey, analyze the findings, and give insights into how your recruitment practices compare to the global standards.

Salary surveys

Aside from RPO recruiting, we also share insights with our clients about the Ukrainian tech market, helping them assess their competitiveness as employers.

Benefits of Working with Our RPO Recruiting Teams

Our network of specialized recruiters uses world-class HR practices to attract and retain the best fit of talent capable of advancing any organization’s goals. This wholesome approach to talent search and business strategy not only makes us unique but also gives our clients an upper hand in today’s highly competitive tech market. 

Skills FinTech Recruiters Are Looking for

Labor market intelligence

Our recruiters know the top professionals within the Ukrainian tech market, where to find them, their salaries, and when they are available. And since very few IT professionals spend their time looking for jobs on online boards, we also understand their priorities and everything it takes to attract and retain them.

Customer alignment

We take the time to understand your business values, culture, and service requirements, allowing us to present a compelling employee value proposition to the potential candidates. 

Strategic sourcing process

Thanks to our proprietary network of candidates and a robust referral-based sourcing strategy, our team at Distributed Recruiters can reduce the sourcing and hiring turnaround time to meet our client’s hiring needs.

Thorough candidate vetting

All the IT recruiters in our networks are taken through a thorough qualification process, including background checks, certification verification, resume matching, supervisory reference checks, and behavioral interviews.

Onboarding & retention support

We accelerate the placement process by ensuring smooth onboarding. And in case you’ve hired our recruiters on a contractual basis, we remain in close contact to proactively promote better performance, engagement, and reduce the risk of turnover rate. 

Brief Background About Our Recruitment and Staffing Services  

Distributed Recruiters has been in business since (YEAR), and we have been offering top talent staffing services to multiple clients around the world. 

As a leading global IT recruitment & staffing services agency, we approach each day with an unwavering commitment and purpose. That’s the unique thing about Distributed Recruiters, and you’ll experience the same unwavering commitment to the utmost care and unwavering commitment.

Thanks to our proven history of successful recruitment and staffing services engagements, Distributed Recruiters provides expertise across different industries and skillsets, and we treat all our clients the same way we would like to be treated.

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Our Process: How We Recruit IT Talent

Wondering how we recruit IT talent? Or still, want to hire FinTech recruiters, an engineering talent headhunter or Ukrainian software developers, our online recruiting solutions work in a simple and straightforward fashion.

  1. We meet offline/online with you to understand your business culture and the ideal candidate profile.
  2. Create a compelling employee value proposition for the potential candidates and draft a catchy advert.
  3. Use active search, our proprietary network of candidates, and a robust referral-based sourcing system to source and pre-screen the eligible candidates.
  4. Conduct job interviews with the best candidates.
  5. Hire the best IT talent sourcer and congratulate you on the hire.
  6. Make the most appropriate job offer.
  7. Forward the most qualified candidates to you for a job interview.

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