Although FinTech companies have had a successful run in terms of securing billions in funding to expand their operations, attracting the right tech talent to scale up their operations and conquer the global market is a whole different ball game. Dozens of surveys have shown that recruiting the right tech talent continues to be one of the biggest challenges that FinTech recruiters face.

The evolving intersection of financial services and technology means that finance companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to leverage these new technologies to create new and better financial products and services for consumers and businesses. As a result, skills in software engineering, blockchain, cybersecurity, and system architecture are the most sought-after. And yet, they’re still some of the hardest positions to recruit. The decline in overseas travel amid the global pandemic hasn’t made things any better, meaning skilled tech professionals can move from one country to the other. And that’s where remote finance recruitment agencies come in. These companies help match potential FinTech companies looking for specific skills with qualified candidates.

Before we drill deep to learn how banking and finance recruitment agencies can help FinTech companies get the right tech talent, let’s briefly take a look at the most demanded tech skills in FinTech.

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Finance Recruitment Agencies: What Tech Skills Are They Mainly Looking For?

Before you even start thinking of optimizing your recruitment process efforts in the FinTech industry, the first thing you need to do is to understand the terrain. For example, you need to know what’s trending, which company is hiring for what, what skills they’re looking for, and so much more.  

With that in mind, let’s now take a look at the most in-demand tech skills in FinTech

Blockchain Expert/Developer

Blockchain engineers and blockchain product managers are some of the most sought-after skills in the FinTech ecosystem. Basically, it entails developing, optimizing, and managing blockchain solutions, as well as helping financial services companies merge their platforms with new and existing technologies. Skills required in this field include C++, Java, and proficiency in working with Solidity, Hyperledger Fabric, and Ripple.

App Developer

The world is increasingly going mobile, with statistics showing that more than 5.2 billion people around the world own a mobile phone. This proliferation of mobile devices has led to a spike in demand for mobile solutions, with tech professionals capable of creating them flying off the shelves. Over the past few years, FinTech apps have seen spectacular growth, largely because financing is driven by tech-savvy millennial consumers. For this reason, app developers are assured of a ready market to develop secure, futuristic, and record-smashing smartphone solutions.

Product Owner/Manager

In today’s competitive FinTech industry, customers are looking for the best user experience when interacting with online FinTech products and services. Any slight problem and they won’t hesitate to move on to the next service provider. In line with this, FinTech companies are looking to hire product managers to handle the product development lifecycle, right from the design until it reaches the final consumer. Basically, these professionals are tasked with understanding the user needs, monitoring the competitive trends, defining the product’s vision, and executing the vision, just to mention a few.

Cybersecurity Expert/Analyst

The interconnected nature of our digital space makes it highly unsafe and vulnerable to cybercrimes. Moreover, most cybercriminals tend to target financial services providers, as they usually deal with money. For this reason, the demand for cybersecurity experts is red hot, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Cybersecurity experts help FinTech companies perform security audits, identify security breaches, and suggest the best solutions. 

The good news is that financial services headhunters can help you fill the above-mentioned positions or any other FinTech tech-related positions. 

Why You Should Consider Hiring Ukrainian FinTech Recruiters To Find Top Tech Talent 

There are many reasons why you should consider partnering with Ukrainian financial services headhunters. For starters, the ever-growing financial services market means competition for top tech talent is fierce. This means that companies that limit their search to their country of domicile are handicapping themselves. And with a 2020 report published by the SSA Group estimating that Ukraine has over 200,000 IT specialists, the entire country is your oyster as an employer.

Along with that, Ukrainian engineers also boast experience with advanced technologies. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is now home to over 110 Research & Development centers for multinational tech corporations. With the help of Ukrainian financial technology recruiters, you can tap into these skills to get the very best FinTech products.

Ukrainian tech professionals have relatively lower average salaries compared to their peers in the US, the UK, and other tech-savvy countries, even when they possess superior technical skills. By using recruiters for the financial services industry in Ukraine to recruit tech talent, you get to enjoy relatively lower development costs.

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How Our Company Can Help Hire the Best Finance Recruiters?

We are a leading financial technology recruiting agency based in Ukraine, and we have been helping startups and multinational FinTech companies find the right tech talent. Our team of financial industry recruiters boasts proprietary networks with the most qualified tech professionals and a robust referral-based sourcing strategy, allowing us to quickly begin the hiring process.

Perhaps what makes us the best finance recruiters in Ukraine, is the fact that we strive to understand our client’s expectations, operations, and company’s culture. We also understand that recruiting entails listening. As such, we listen to our candidates and banking recruiters, try to learn who they are and understand their wishes and professional aspirations. 

Thanks to this hands-on approach, we are better equipped to filter out and source the most suitable candidates for any FinTech tech position. This compounded with the language and cultural compatibility of our tech recruiters makes Distributed Recruiters your best strategic partner for long-term FinTech RPO services in Ukraine.

What Makes Us The Best Financial Services IT Recruitment Provider in Ukraine?

We can give you many reasons why you should partner with us in finding the right FinTech talent. But in the interest of time,  we’re going to mention four.

What Makes DistributedRecruiters The Best Financial Services IT Recruitment Provider
  • We build trust. We strive to understand your hiring needs and challenges, which allows us to provide hiring solutions that make sense.
  • We deliver quality. We believe that financial services recruiting is an art, not a game of numbers. It is a human-driven process that demands the right skills, passion, personalization, technique, and most importantly, a critical eye. For this reason, our telecom recruiters focus on delivering quality and not quantity to our clients.
  • Technology-oriented. Our financial services recruiting model uses cutting-edge technology to revolutionize how job seekers and companies come together. We’re also constantly looking for new recruitment trends to make the recruiting process as quick and efficient as possible.
  • People-centered. Unlike many FinTech recruitment agencies that are obsessed with resumes, we meet all our recruits in person to establish their personalities, backgrounds, and experiences. We’re honest with them and treat people as people and not machines.

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